FactPipe Announces Least & Most Credible Rated News for August 2018


FactPipe Announces Least & Most Credible Rated News for August 2018

Ratings by: News Category, Specific Articles and Tweets.

Atlanta, September 6, 2018: Relia Corp.

Weather and politics heated up for August, as a result there was no shortage of news items to review for trustworthiness and bias. 'Fake News' remained a buzzword and if anything expanded in scope.

Results for the month of August, according to FactPipe.com a site that uses weighted collective intelligence to measure the reliability and credibility of news items, sites, persons, tweets, and comments:

Highest Trust-Score (Category): U.S. News

Highest Score (Article): "Witnesses Watched Woman Being Attacked by Alligator, 911 Call Reveals"

Highest Score (Tweet): "2007 to 2015, % students on track to graduate from Chicago HSs rose from 61% to 85%"

Lowest Score (Category): Politics

Lowest Score (Article): "Asia Argento Denies Sexual Assault Allegation"

Lowest Score: (Tweet): "Report Just Out, China hacked Hillary Clinton's private Email Server."

"A few surprises for August on our side. Our historically highest and lowest categories, Sports and Politics become intertwined which explains some of the results. Tesla related items drove down scores for finance, thus resulting in U.S news leading the way.", said Darius Hatami, CEO of FactPipe.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Relia Corp. is the preeminent independent source of reliability and credibility measurement of internet content. FactPipe covers all news, WealthPipe launching end Q3, 2018 is financial news specific.

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