PolPipe Combats Fake Political News and Media Credibility Issues


Atlanta GA, Oct. 25, 2018 / Prexly / — Fake news, suspect sources and political statements that strained credulity were several of the biggest issues of the 2016 elections. Fast forward to the 2018 midterm elections and we still face the same problems. Except now one site has created what it believes is the solution. PolPipe, Polpipe.com, provides a Trust Score that makes it much easier to gauge accurate and credible political stories and tweets from those that are not. Articles and tweets are presented with a score of 1 to 10 and color coded from red to green as to how credible they are. According to PolPipe, (short for Politics Pipeline), it works like this; users view articles and score them via a slider for accuracy, PolPipe then takes those scores combined with other factors into their algorithms and presents an overall score. Users can then view articles by category and sort them by high score, low score or most voted upon.

But what are these other factors and how do we make sure it isn't simply a popularity contest or overrun by outside influences or bots? According to Darius Hatami, the COO of FactPipe the parent company of PolPipe, "Our algorithms use the proven concepts of crowd-voting & collective intelligence as the main input, however behind the scenes we also take into consideration user registration level, their expertise by topic, and utilize bias detection and anti-bot and spam detection resources to help deliver a score that is presents a better measure of accuracy than anything else we've seen out there. Trust is a human endeavor but that doesn't mean that technology can't help out."

One of the interesting aspects of the system they've developed is that it doesn't seem to be attached to any specific news organization, political party or larger tech company. They are an independent self-funded company based out of Atlanta. Many people across the political spectrum are suspicious whenever a single group that may have a hidden agenda presents the truth as they see it. PolPipe appears to solve the issue by relying on input from users no matter what their affiliation or views as a major factor in rating credibility. They and their users are putting its trust in the people and technology instead of a single journalist, social/media company or a CEO's personal opinion as an arbiter of truth.

FactPipe was one of the earliest sites to work on internet and media credibility well before it became a buzzword and from what we've seen so far PolPipe, their political site, and WealthPipe, their financial site, are worthwhile extensions of their efforts, even if they are still a little rough around the edges. For example; there were a few areas that still looked like they were in beta though the site overall is easy to use and intuitive. Or as their COO puts it, "We are creating a whole new sector of technology we like to refer to CaaS or Credibility as a Service, once the basic engine was built and tested there is no reason we couldn't extend to other areas such as politics or finance or even provide it internally for companies to measure the accuracy and reliability of items within their organization. Expect to see some exciting new developments from us as we launch new versions of our sites."

We'll have to spend more time using it but PolPipe.com looks like an exciting new political news resource, just in time for the upcoming elections.


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